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Structural SEO
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SEO for the enterprise is the specialty of the house here at

Our contributors have inside views of search engine optimization efforts carried out by very large organizations, public companies, and authority sites across many countries and languages.

Bob Sakayama is the team leader at, and our fountain of knowledge. He's been focused on search long before the web evolved from the bbs's (bulletin board services) & telnet - when gopher and ferret were the state of the art search tools. Rev Sale is our resident Google observer, and manages most of the experimental work. Jabaloni has the best data connections, and informs us on matters related to technology. Bob, Rev Sale, and Jabaloni regularly contribute content to this site in the form of articles, research, and comments. Several other folks peek their heads in, including OneInAmelia, and our chief semantic historian & Bogglemeister, dirtsgood. Our team has interests in high level SEO projects, including Google penalty unwinds, large scale optimization, enterprise compliance, experimental search engine research, and data driven platform development.

In addition to optimization, our teams engineer and customize automated SEO enabled web platforms for both commerce and information delivery. We specialize in forensics enabled content management systems that ensure search compliance as well as oversee fundamental seo requirements in a scalable environment.

Organizations (and individuals) with large or multiple websites occupy a very different search environment than their smaller counterparts. presents the thoughts and ideas of optimization professionals focused on the specialized universe of large scale implementations. Any topic germane to this audience is appropriate.

We welcome your participation in our blog comments. Only need a verifiable email address and something to say or ask within the context of the thread. This is an opportunity to join in and contribute to the most insightful enterprise optimization conversation happening online - here at

What might be a minor glitch for a small implementation can be a costly disaster for a large enterprise, especially because automation is most likely involved.

In many ways, the search environment has become less transparent and therefore more dangerous. The minimum knowledge necessary to compete in a crowded marketplace has exploded, along with the techniques that both succeed and fail.

When your web presence is large, you compete in a realm of authority sites, changing compliance rules, non-existent regulation, huge technological disparity, monolithic search arbiters demanding compliance, unspoken rules of behavior, non-compliant competitors, and a penalty environment in which you have no recourse - it's an environment where real information is the key to survival. There are plenty of seo sites out there (which you've already read, over and over) that do an excellent job of presenting the basics that can be applied to the small site. Our goal is to make the portal for the enterprise search conversation.

Home       SEO Enterprise Blog       Search Compliance       Structural SEO       The Semantic Imperative       About
Enterprise SEO
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Looking for SEO enabled content management systems with structural, semantic optimization built into the cms? You're on the right site. Research identified targets are implemented within the markup, content, and filenames to enable the site to rank as high as possible based upon semantic relevance. 34789366G off site content requirements