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By: Ryan Urban
2011-04-11 17:05:11
Looks like Google issued their biggest update yet today. It affected us, and a lot of people we know, what are you seeing? I came up with my own list, but #1 on the list is very specific to today's update. Some of the others are well known, some of them need to be explained and are not well known.

Things I am seeing with the Google updates:

1) They cranked up the dial big time for % of exact match anchors to the target page (very bad for us) all the old blog links we bought were 100% exact match anchors, 3 per article. None of the ones we bought in the last year were like that, and often times had no/random anchors. XXXXXXXX alert got pinged for it in the last Google update, they turned up the dial which means bad news for our top interior landing pages. Overall domain authority was a negative benefactor, so even pages without any links were dropped a few spots as well.

2) Social shares is a much bigger factor (good for us)

3) Brand signals is a much bigger factor (ok for us, not good) That pushes Amazon up and other huge sites

4) Number and % of no followed links to the target page plays a very big role

5) They could stopped rankings from passing of paid blog networks

6) Number of ad units on the page plays a big negative role. (good and bad) We don't have ads/affiliate offers but a lot of our old blog links had tons of low quality ads

7) Scraper sites and low quality directories were zapped (good for us)

8) Local sites are showing in the organic results for certain queries (bad for us). I think Google will unwind this do to low quality

9) Exact match domains and long domains were devalued (good for us) bad for our affiliates and some competitors.

10) Click-through rate of organic is a big factor now (Great for us)

11) Site Speed is a bigger factor (I just popped an email to Strangeloop and EC to get Google to see our enhanced version of our site this week)

Update: 12 April 2011

The update hit mid-day yesterday, I expect most people don't know what happened yet. Anyone who had pages that were too heavy on exact match anchor text got pinged bad. Anyone with a low percentage of no-follow links got pinged. Since so many links were just devalued completely, domain authority on many sites really got hurt.

This was definitely an algo update. Keep me updated on what you see and hear in the next week.

Blog_id: 30 | Posted: 2011-04-11 17:05:11 | Views (8,847) | Comments (4)  
Comment By: dirtsgood
re: Google Bomb Today
(posted 2011-04-14 18:23:17)

No, no, no. You can't just make claims without telling us why you believe these things, Ryan. Please show us some supporting evidence. Some of these claims are counter intuitive, and I would love to be convinced. But we worship only at the altar of supporting evidence.

Response By Ryan Urban
in response to thread started by
(posted 2011-04-16 02:42:42)

"DirtsGood-OneInAmelia-Anyone who wants for details,

A lot of this information is counterintuitive, but all of it is validated. You guys or anyone should pick a few points for me to substantiate on, and you'll get the details.

As Bob has preached for years, "exact match" anchor text is dead. Even if the link is natural opt for "phrase match". I would do no more than 20% of incoming links to a page containing "phrase match", and if you want to survive the Google 2015 update I wouldn't do more than 10%."

Comment By: OneInAmelia
re: Google Bomb Today
(posted 2011-04-15 03:14:08)

Agree with dirtsgood. Need to back up these claims. Do you have a post from Google? Especially interested to know how you demonstrate that

"Brand signals is a much bigger factor"

"Number of ad units on the page plays a big negative role."

"Number and % of no followed links to the target page plays a very big role"

"Exact match domains and long domains were devalued"

"Click-through rate of organic is a big factor now"

I don't know of any forensic tools to prove these. Please point us to your source!

Comment By: JonnyRoss
re: Google Bomb Today
(posted 2011-04-15 12:31:53)

id have to agree with dirtsgood, especially speaking to bob this week.... i dont believe site speed is a factor at all... availability of site maybe, but 1-3 seconds difference...dont think its something that will increase your ranks.

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