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By: Rev Sale
2009-11-01 21:46:56
We're wondering, now that it's going on 3 years, whether Google's getting better at identifying paid links. Seeing plenty of sites penalized for buying.

Even seeing Google speciously flagging links when asked. We have several clients who spend so much money in AdWords that they have close connections via customer service. Unfair right? While most of the world can't get answers, there are some who get the royal treatment. But sometimes that royal treatment is diversion. But I digress.

The problem we found is this: Take a new site and throw paid links at it. Very likely to get it penalized.

Then take a new site and first first throw garbage links at it - links from bookmarks, comments, software PAD files, etc. Once they're visible in Google, push out the paid links.

Voila! Huge drop in penalty vulnerability.

When it comes to obfuscation, the more the merrier.


Blog_id: 1 | Posted: 2009-11-01 21:46:56 | Views (10,406) | Comments (4)  
Comment By: DonkeyDust
re: Link Obfuscation Necessary On New Sites
(posted 2009-11-01 22:01:40)

Rev, can you please post more specifics. I know this is significant, but can't see it from your post. So you throw PR0 links first, then paids, and you get away with the paids. Is that right?

Response By Rev Sale
in response to thread started by
(posted 2009-11-01 22:04:03)

Yup. You got it. Posting about 200-300 links to get 50 to stick.

Response By Gwen
in response to thread started by
(posted 2009-11-11 20:12:15)

So why does this work? Seems crazy, and if it weren't for you guys saying it, I wouldn't believe it. Can u elucidate, please?

Response By Rev Sale
in response to thread started by
(posted 2009-11-12 22:42:23)

Gwen - the way to think about this is that you want to make evaluation difficult. If you just throw paid links at a page that has no others - that makes it easy to out you. But what if there were several hundred links there and 20 paids among them? Granted there is still risk - anything involving paid links will carry risk. But if you find a way to make that risk manageable, this can be a valuable strategy that works in the real world. And there's always a disclaimer: If you deploy any new strategy that games the system, be ready for surprises.


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