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By: Valmir Fernandes
2011-03-17 17:56:06
My site was created in 2008 august, e disappeared disappeared results of Google searches on 18/01/2011, my difficulty in finding the cause is through intentionally did not do anything that might have caused this penalty. Not working with purchases or sales links, I have no links to partners, not applied any black hat technique and did not change on the site today.

The only question I could think as a possible reason would be a considerable increase of about 70% on visits in 2011 caused by visitors coming in the original articles and no attempts at manipulation, but that generated a spike in the graph analysis(which put the attachment to view) at this time the site fell dramatically around 90%.

I therefore ask for help diagnose possible reasons for this penalty from

I am available for Further Information!

Blog_id: 29 | Posted: 2011-03-17 17:56:06 | Views (8,292) | Comments (9)  
Comment By: Emily
re: Penalized Site Seeks Help:
(posted 2011-03-22 18:34:12)

The 2 things you haven't mentioned are links and other owned domains. We know of penalties that come from non-compliances in both areas.

Have you paid seos to post "white hat" links on blogs and forums?

Do you own other sites? Please list.

Response By Valmir
in response to thread started by
(posted 2011-03-24 11:34:37)

I have no paid links, not in any way try to force my indexes, I reported this in the past and a news aggregator site automatically aggregated my articles ( and asked to delete my website these disclosures.

I have just one more site but I have no direct links between them.

Examples of inbound links found by webmasterstools: 2.415 1.858 1.524 800 469 205 150 104 104 99 78 70 61
* 49
* 31

* punido ou parker

Thanks for your interest in my case!

Response By Laura Nowa
in response to thread started by
(posted 2011-03-24 11:56:27)

I notice that you have some nofollow links in the footer to other sites. Have these always been nofollow, or did you recently (after the penalty) nofollow them?

Do you sell links from any other pages?

Response By Valmir
in response to thread started by
(posted 2011-03-29 11:13:14)

Hi Laura
This was before the penalty, but I noticed that one of these links is to a site that is also punished, it can harm.

These links are the creators of WP Theme.

As I said earlier, do not buy and not sell links in any circumstances.

Comment By: Brook
re: Penalized Site Seeks Help:
(posted 2011-03-29 12:22:27)

Have you filed for reconsideration? If so, how long ago, and what did you report?

Response By Valmir
in response to thread started by
(posted 2011-03-31 11:17:03)

Hi Brook

Yes I asked for reconsideration on 28 January and diplomatic answer that they have processed the request.
But I found on the site are real grounds for them to apply such a penalty.

Valmir Brazil

Comment By: dirtsgood
re: Penalized Site Seeks Help:
(posted 2011-03-31 12:38:12)

You need to make sure your 2 owned sites are independent of each other - G does not like to see you using owned sites to push rank of other owned sites. I would run a links checker utility, like Xenu, to make sure your sites are not connected via links. If you find links between them, remove and use that to file for reconsideration.

Response By Valmir
in response to thread started by
(posted 2011-04-29 13:35:09)

Thanks dirtsgood for the tip do Xenu , cunsultei and really had many broken links, changed and improved the wp theme, I will again ask for reconsideration.

Comment By: Shane A
re: Penalized Site Seeks Help:
(posted 2011-03-31 12:51:03)

If your site is clean, you don't sell links, and you have no paid links, you might have to consider some other possibilities. The fact that you have links, even though they are nofollow, from a Wordpress theme, might cause you to suspect the theme itself. There's no harm in swapping the theme out if you need to test it.

Another possibility is 3rd party interference - do you have enemies who might be trying to harm your site, or take advantage of your high rank? While this may seem far fetched, this happened to me - had a cloak hack replace my site inside Google's index. You would be able to see this by checking the cached links and making sure they all show only your site. Google did not find this on their own, we found it and had to point it out to Google.

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