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By: OneInAmelia
2009-11-03 22:35:15
On a big site, automation is critical not only to the functioning of the site, but also to maintaining compliance on the system. Every large enterprise site already has automation behind the screen. Adding some very simple scripts can handle the compliance review in most cases so for the enterprise, there's no good excuse to not implement it.

In fact, without it, we can pretty much guarantee the site will crash and burn at some point down the road. That's because automation that does not force compliant will eventually permit small non-compliances to aggregate into real issues.

We've been gradually building our cms to handle all of the compliance checks in an automated way prior to launching any new content.

For example, rather than manually creating the filenames and tags, we start only with a target field. This of course assumes you have the research to know what the target field should contain. Let's say you enter "Blue Widgets" into that field because your research tells you to.

The first thing that happens is that the system checks to see if there are any other target fields with the exact same target. It does this by first converting all data to lower case then running string-string matches across all other target fields.

If there is a match (and there better only be ONE match if any), the cms increments the creation of the filename to blue-widgets-2.html. Similarly the title tag is automated to "Blue Widgets 2 from the widget kings -" and can be overridden with an entry in the title tag field. An alternative would be to flag the duplicate entry and NOT permit a data update.

Automated attributes of our compliance insuring cms:

- creates unique tags / paginates if necessary
- creates unique filenames / paginates
- enables override of the default tags/filenames
- identifying any attribute of any post that is non-compliant

posting more later... 1IA

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